Our night diaper (doubled)


Finally a super absorbent night-time diaper !
Bébé d'amour had to be the one to come up with it !

The Bébé d'amour's night-time model offers the same advantages as the original diaper, but has an extra felt pad located inside the waterproof diaper. This pad considerably enhances the leak proof quality of the diaper, which allows most babies to sleep through the night without any diaper leaks!

You must be aware that even though the diaper is the most absorbent on the Canadian market, it can only absorb a certain quantity of liquids. Once the diaper has absorbed its maximum capacity it is only natural that the liquid finds its way out. Since each child is different, we recommend that you try the diaper for a couple of nights to test the amount of liquids in order to properly plan how frequent the diaper will need to be changed.

* Note that boys usually urinate more than girls.

While the original diaper is one size, the night model will require 2 sizes to cover a two year usage. The baby will have to change diaper size when it is no longer absorbent enough to last all night long. This should happen between the ages of 6 to 12 months.

Two sizes are available:

10 to 20 pounds (4.5 to 9.1 kg)
20 to 45 pounds (9.1 to 20.5 kg)