Ingenious Washable Diaper... Bébé d'amour

designed in the most beautiful world lab

A layer of cotton born from the love of a mother wishing the welfare of his daughter and a father concerned about the environmental protection could only be called Bébé d'amour. Ingenious and easy to use, the Bébé d'amour diaper is specially design to fit babies from 8 to 30 pounds (3.5 to 13.6 kilos) and more due to its special attach system, the velcros cross over each other in the front for a perfect snug fit on your fast growing baby!

Parents interested in the cotton diaper can purchase a trial diaper or two! This will allow you to determine if the cotton diaper fits your needs and lifestyle before buying the whole kit.

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Bébé d'amour's team will be happy to explain the many advantages of the Bébé d'amour diaper.

If you are already familiar with the use of cotton diapers, you can simply purchase Bébé d'amour diapers through the following link: