The ingenious diaper

created by Bébé d'amour

Unlike other cotton diapers on the market, the Bébé d'amour diaper does not require an extra leak proof cover (breeches).
1.     Durable and one of a kind leak proof nylon or polyester laminated exterior.
2.     Patented attach system allowing the best adjustment.
3.     Efficient Velcro protectors essential for the laundry.
4.     Anti-leak guards around the thighs.
5.     Anti-leak guards at the back.
6.     Removable super absorbent pad.
7.     Comfortable flannel lining.


The Bébé d'amour diaper is simply brilliant!

It is a true all in one diaper that does not need an extra leak proof cover. (breeches)

Adjusts to your child's unique shapes, it grows with your baby due to the special patented attach system.

Convenient at all times it is as easy to use as a disposable diaper.

Wash and care instructions are very simple as it goes in the washer and dryer.

Dries in less than an hour in the dryer.

The super absorbent night model is also perfect for long travels.

Save up to 1000$ to 1500$ by using Bébé d'Amour diapers instead of disposable diapers.

The diaper also serves as training pants.

Guaranteed 90 days against manufacturing defects.

The Bébé d'Amour diaper's durability has been qualified as « excellent ».*

The diaper is completely manufactured in Quebec. 

Moreover, it has been specially designed for a snug comfortable fit for your baby!

* The Bébé d'Amour diaper's durability has been qualified as « excellent » according to tests performed in laboratories by Tecni-Trol, a private firm in St-Hyacinthe, and also according to the families that have used the diaper for their children.

An ecological, economical and convenient diaper

Parents who choose cotton diapers over disposable ones are parents who wish to contribute in maintaining a healthy environment for their children to grow up in!

We now know that disposable diapers are a serious threat to our environment. It is necessary to know that your child will use an average of 7000* diapers until he doesn't need them anymore. A diaper takes between 300 and 500 years to decompose; therefore sanitary landfills are getting more and more saturated.

Furthermore, most of the disposable diaper users do not follow the disposal recommendations printed on the package as to throw away fecal matter in the toilet before putting it into the garbage can. Therefore hundreds of different viruses can survive during two weeks in a soiled disposable diaper, thus contaminating the ground and the subsoil waters near sanitary landfills.

* Based on a usage of 10 diapers per day during a period of 2 years or 8 per day during 2 ½ years

Life Cycle Comparison of cloth diapers and disposable diapers

  1000 disposable diapers 1000 uses of cloth diapers
Raw materials (lb)    
Polymer production 29.5  
Pulp and paper production 216.5  
Cotton production   4.5
Production laundry   64.5
Total 246 69
Energy (UCB)    
Production 3455.48 578.34
Washing (average between home washing and specialist washing service)   1452,29
Total 3455.48 2030.63
Water (gal)    
Production 5236 638
Laundry   1957
Flush toilet   1184
Total 5236 3779
Solid waste (lb)    
Production 14 4
After use 428 55
Total 442 59

Source: Lehrburger, C., Mullen, J. & Jones, C.V. (1991). Diapers : environmental impacts and life cycle analysis. Philadelphia : national Association of Diaper Services

Savings of up to 1000$ per child

Over a period of 2 1⁄2 years, an average of 7000* diapers will be used, which means that you will spend somewhere around 2500 $ according to the frequency a parent changes the diapers. For the same length of time, by using the Bébé d'Amour diapers you will save from 1000 $ to 1500 $, including the purchase of diapers, soap, washing and drying. If you take good care of your diapers, your baby will only need one kit. Some mothers have even used their kit for a second child.

These savings, invested in a fund could represent for your child a considerable sum when he/she goes to University. A profitable investment for today and for tomorrow!


Forget about the complicated diaper pins and the complex folding methods.

Ingenious and easy to use, the Bébé d'Amour diaper is as easy as a disposable diaper. Washer and dryer approved, it dries in less than an hour in the dryer.

It is specially design to fit babies from 8 to 30 pounds (3.5 to 13.6 kilos) due to its special attach system, the velcros cross over each other in the front for a perfect snug fit on your fast growing baby!

We are also able to offer 2 more sizes of diapers. We just put back on the market the born-baby diaper that will fit babies from 6 to 15 pounds (2.7 to 6.8 kilos), and also the 2nd size for tall babies that will fit from 28 to 45 pounds (12.7 to 20.5 kilos). With those 2 more sizes, for every size your baby can get, you can now fit a cotton diaper to your baby!

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