Choose organic cotton, it is also a matter of choice!

We question a lot about all the compositions can have cloth diapers, natural or synthetic fibers. It is an old controversy when we read on Textiles. The synthetic fibers are less environmentally friendly than natural fibers. They are little or no biodegradable. Cotton, natural fiber, is the most commonly used fiber in the world. It represents 40% of world textile market and is grown in 90 countries. Cotton also made his controversial because it is not always the most cultivated with ecological methods like several other fibers, natural or synthetic. This is why organic cotton has many advantages: clean culture, soft, hypoallergenic, contains no toxic product used during its manufacture, working conditions healthier gatherers. Ecological textiles that come from organic plant fibers help to minimize the ecological footprint already much lower with cloth diapers.

Our certified organic cotton comes of the United States; if you need more information, feel free to ask us. We will be happy to discuss with you!

You choose!